Our Products

Charton & Bang are proud to make the CarbonRich line of soil health products.  We currently have CarbonRich Compost and CarbonRich Liquid Humus available for sale.  You can find more details about them at carbonrich.com.au

At our facility near Leeton in NSW, we process agricultural by-products to produce very high quality compost for use back into agriculture. We’re aiming for very low contaminant levels, and very high levels of the types of complex carbon molecules that help soils function at their best.

We have two product lines of high quality compost. One is made using straw and cotton gin trash, and the other using straw and chicken manure.

Our composting process transforms the raw ingredients into rich, earthy smelling compost. The composting process removes weed seeds and pathogens creating a safe product for your soil.

Our Liquid Humus product is a liquid extract from our compost. We concentrate the water soluble carbon from the compost to provide a product that can be applied to crops through drip irrigation or boom spray. This greatly increases the efficiency of compost application, and allows rates as low as 10L per hectare in broadacre agriculture and 20L/ha in horticulture.

Liquid Humus is most effectively used either through direct injection into the seed furrow when planting, or when mixed with liquid applications of fertiliser, particularly nitrogen. This provides a complex carbon source that can remove the burning effect of nitrogen, and increase the efficiency of nitrogen application by reducing losses to the atmosphere or being washed through the soil profile.

Our Liquid Humus product retails for $1100 per 1000 litre bulk container. This price includes a $100 charge for supply in 1000 litre bulk containers. This charge is waived if you provide the containers.

We sell our CarbonRich compost by the cubic metre in minimum loads of 10 cubic metres. You can pick up yourself or we can arrange delivery. Smaller loads only by special arrangement.

Our cotton based product start at $100 per cubic metre.

Our chicken manure based product excludes GMOs and starts at $125 cubic metre.

We can provide agronomic advice on amounts to use, and when and how to apply.