Welcome to Charton & Bang, a company committed to providing practical solutions to help farming continue forever.

We are currently producing compost in the Riverina area and working towards producing fertilisers from organic ingredients.

Our Products

At our facility near Leeton in NSW, we process agricultural by-products to produce very high quality compost for use back into agriculture. We’re aiming for very low contaminant levels, and very high levels of the types of complex carbon molecules that help soils function at their very best.

We have two product lines of high quality compost. One is made using straw and cotton gin trash, and the other using straw and chicken manure.

Our composting process transforms the raw ingredients into rich, earthy smelling compost. The composting process removes weed seeds and pathogens creating a safe product for your soil.

We sell our products by the cubic metre in minimum loads of 10 cubic metres. You can pick up yourself or we can arrange delivery. Smaller loads only by special arrangement.

Our cotton based product start at $100 per cubic metre

Our chicken manure based product excludes GMOs and starts at $125 cubic metre

We can provide agronomic advice on amounts to use, and when and how to apply.


We can be contacted by phone by calling John on 0427 411 350

We want to just put our email right here, but that leads to more spam than you can compost in a year. If you want to contact us by email, using the contact form below goes straight to our email. Just make sure that you put your email address in so we can get back to you!