Welcome to Charton & Bang, a company committed to providing practical solutions to help farming continue forever.

Recycling Nutrients

Plastics might get the limelight with recycling, but we think that the nutrients that we rely on in order to survive are even more important to conserve. Charton & Bang develop nutrient recycling technologies, and implement them the best they know how.

We’re very excited at the moment because we’ve just gotten the go ahead from Leeton Shire Council to start constructing a composting facility in Murrami, NSW. We’re aiming to process agricultural by-products to produce very high quality compost for use back into agriculture. We’re aiming for very low contaminant levels, and very high levels of the types of complex carbon molecules that help soils function at their very best.

We will have product available for sale from early 2020, and we really can’t wait to get it to you.


We can be contacted by phone by calling John on 0427 411 350

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